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PT Valve Systems

PT-GAUGE Gauge with nut for use on PT valves, 0-160 PSI
PTC Block-off collar for PT valves when gauge is not attached
PT-300-J-650 WH-300-J-650 with PT grooves and O-rings A-150
PT-45-6 WH-45-6 with PT grooves and O-rings A-150
PT-330-J-690 WH-330-J690 with PT grooves and O-rings A-150
PT-H-42 H-42 with PT grooves and O-rings A-150
PT-753S-6 753S-6 with PT grooves and O-rings A-150
PT-R-520 R-520 with PT grooves and O-rings for Super Large Bore A-150
PT-330-3 1/2 Turret-style valve with 3 1/2″ effective length A-150
  • Other Valves and Sizes Available
  • Assemble the valve to the tire and wheel assembly before installing the PT gauge to the PT valve
  • When ordering valves for steering rim assemblies, check the rear length measurement (RL) so the device will clear the value lug. This is important on some front truck rims and rear forklift or container-mover tires