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FESTO AMTE - Silencer

Festo 6.4.4. AMTE SilencerFesto 6.4.4. AMTE Silencer

Festo 6.4.4. AMTE Silencer

FESTO AMTE – Silencer

– For machine tool making in the packaging industry, automotive industry, or woodworking industry
– Suitable for reducing noise at the exhaust ports of pneumatic systems
– Metal design, short and long versions
– Silencer insert materials: Bronze
– Barbed fitting or threaded connection

Version AMTE-M-H, for short version AMTE-M-LH, for long version
Connection G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, G1/2, M5 G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, G1/2, G3/4, G1, M3, M5, NPT1/8, NPT1/4, NTP-3/8, NPT-1/2, UNF10-32
Noise Level 55 to 95 dB(A)