HALTEC DS-1 Double Seal Valve Cap | HALTEC | ACP
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HALTEC DS-1 Double Seal Valve Cap


HALTEC DS-1 Double Seal Valve Cap

The DS-1 flow-through valve cap is designed for high pressure truck tire service. Seals like a high pressure valve cap, yet offers the convenience of an inflate through extension. It also performs like a check valve- the seal becomes tighter in the event of a core failure.The DS-1 reduces pressure check time by 65% offering an efficient money and labor savings alternative to the common valve cap. The heat resistant grommets provide additional protection for the extended high temperature running. The DS-1 consists of a tough, all metal housing, precision fit brass components and durable self-sealing O-ring.

– Inflate directly through sealing cap
– Reduces time and labor
– No lost valve caps

Technical Specifications:
– Overall length 7/8 inch
– Temperature rated seal: -40?F to 250?F