HALTEC IN-100A Super Large Bore Inflator Adapter | HALTEC | ACP
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HALTEC IN-100A Super Large Bore Inflator Adapter

Haltec IN-100AHaltec IN-100A

Haltec IN-100A


Haltec IN-100A

HALTEC IN-100A Super Large Bore Inflator Adapter

The Haltec design of the Super Large Bore inflator adapter offers many advantages.

– New! Safer alternative to the IN-80A

– Left hand threads on union body – will not come loose when screwing on to valve

– Non-removable stem guide

– 3/4 inch pipe thread for easy air hose connection. During inflation, air pressure in the tire can be checked through the stem knob with a tire pressure gauge.

– Will insert or extract CH-8 or CH-9 core housing

– Pressure can be checked without disconnecting using a Large Bore gauge
Reduces inflation time 60%, deflation time 80%

– 1 piece stainless steel stem and collet

– The core housing is held in a stainless steel extractor by a snap ring

– Extractor is rugged enough so that the core housing can be loosened or tightened without being damaged. The IN-80A inflator adapter saves time by fast inflation or deflation on a tire. After removing the valve cap, the inflator is screwed onto the valve stem. The inflator stem is pushed in to engage the flats on the core housing. By rotating the stem counter clockwise, the core housing can be removed without any danger to the person removing it. The core housing is pulled up into the inflator body and held there during inflation or deflation. Can also be used for liquid-filling tires equipped with Super Large Bore valves