HALTEC Once Piece Hub Cover Systems | HALTEC | ACP
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HALTEC Once Piece Hub Cover Systems

Haltec 087100SHaltec 087100S

Haltec 087100S

HALTEC Once Piece Hub Cover Systems

Alcoa’s New Hub Cover Systems: They’re One-Piece Wonders!#Fits wheels 19.5″, 22.5″ and 24.5″, Hub pilot, 33 mm hex flange nut with 10 x 285 mm. Alcoa’s new hub cover system provides an easy way to upgrade the appearance of new and older trucks. This quality-tested, road-proven hub cover system is built to the precise specifications you would expect from Alcoa, the world leader in heavy-duty wheels. This unique, one-piece design provides:#- Reduced installation time with 1 part vs. 11#- Highly reflective superior finish#- Patented on-off attachment design#- On-off removal for DOT inspection

087100S 33 mm Hub Piloted 2 rear covers & tool, Alcoa packaging
087100B 33 mm Hub Piloted 1 rear cover & tool, plain packaging
086100S 33 mm Hub Piloted 2 front covers & tool, Alcoa packaging
086100B 33 mm Hub Piloted 1 front cover & tool, Alcoa packaging