HALTEC Z12-B Z-Bore Inflator | HALTEC | ACP
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HALTEC Z12-B Z-Bore Inflator

Haltec Z12-BHaltec Z12-B

Haltec Z12-B

HALTEC Z12-B Z-Bore Inflator

To maximize air flow, a Z12-B inflator is used to remove the core housing during inflation & deflation. This inflator operates like the IN-80A Super Large Bore inflator.

Z12-B Parts List:
Z55 Ejector Union
G-202 Gasket for Z11
MB-60P Gasket for Z55
G-204 Snap Ring for Collet
E-3100-1 1 piece Stem & Collet
G-206 Gasket for Stem Nut
8807N-4 Cap Adapter
57TT Standard Bore Cap