MONAFLEX Cylinder Airbags | MONAFLEX | ACP
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MONAFLEX Cylinder Airbags

Monaflex M1721_24W Cylinder AirbagMonaflex M1721_24W Cylinder Airbag

Monaflex M1721_24W Cylinder Airbag

MONAFLEX Cylinder Airbags

Extreme flexibility allows monaflex airbags full conformity to even the most complex tyre profiles ensuring full pressure is applied exactly where it is needed. The result is a perfect, distortion free repair every time. Exceptional durability means our Airbags are suitable for use in the most extreme conditions but they remain lightweight for ease of transport and installation.

TR910/11W ?8.25? TO 12.00? (TRRS)
TR911/13W ?8.25? TO 12.00? (TRDD)
TR1212W ?10.00? TO 12.00?
TR1214/20W ?12.00? TO 14.00?
TR1315/20W ?13.00? TO 17.5?
TR1921/20W ?19.00? TO 21.00?
M1220 ?12.00? TO 14.00?
M1518/24(W) 15.00? TO 18.00?
M1721/24(W) 18.00? TO 21.00?
M2124/24(W) 21.00? TO 24.00?
M2427/32(W) 24.00? TO 27.00?
M2732/32(W) 27.00? TO 32.00?
M3336/32(W) 33.00? TO 36.00?
M3842/32(W) 38.00? TO 42.00?
M4447/32(W) 44.00? TO 47.00?
M5054/32(W) 50.00? TO 54.00?
MVN911/18W ?FOR SM180, V14, SM250, 400AST, 440AST

Cylinder Air Bags are available in any size. They can be made with edge valves if required and custom sizes are available upon request.