HALTEC ZFAK - Assembly Kit for Z-Bore Valves | HALTEC | ACP
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HALTEC ZFAK - Assembly Kit for Z-Bore Valves

Haltec ZFAKHaltec ZFAK

Haltec ZFAK

HALTEC ZFAK – Assembly Kit for Z-Bore Valves

The ZFAK field assembly kit is available to field assemble your own flexible extension with the Z5 assembly tool. ZFAK consists of Z8 Swivel connector, Z17 straight tubing connector, two Z2-2 nuts, two Z9 tubing connector sleeves and Z10 core housing. Z-100 tubing is ordered separately.

The core housing is the final component. It contains a Large Bore valve core for servicing the tire assembly for routine pressure checks. The Z12-B inflator allows the complete removal of the core housing for the Z-Bore application. For proper field assembly, cut Z-100 hose 2 1/4 inch shorter than required length and complete with angle connectors and core housing.