HALTEC TCR1200 - Torque Calibration Rig | HALTEC | ACP
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HALTEC TCR1200 - Torque Calibration Rig

Haltec Torque Calibration RigHaltec Torque Calibration Rig

Haltec Torque Calibration Rig

HALTEC TCR1200 – Torque Calibration Rig

Note: A Torque Calibration Rig requires an SCBS along with the chosen selection of HTT*** Transducers. Transducers can be quickly interchanged on the rig.

– Calibrate or check electronic wrenches up to 1200 ft-lb and mechanical wrenches up to 750 ft-lb
– Compatible with all SCBS digital torque testers and HTT*** torque transducers
– High quality planetary gear system for precise and steady control of torque applied with minimal effort
– Dropped point of torque application and robust steel frame leads to a sturdy and well-balanced rig
– Quick release pins allow for quick switching of testers <750 ft-lb
– Self-lubricating bearings for smooth operation of carriage unit

– Ensure all torque wrenches are within specified tolerances.
– Validate wrench accuracy regularly to exceed safety and maintenance requirements

– On-site calibration reduces product downtime and shipping costs
– Regular tool calibration can reduce requirement of post-assembly audits