HALTEC CPDTSG33MM - Dustite Silver Gray 33mm | HALTEC | ACP
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HALTEC CPDTSG33MM - Dustite Silver Gray 33mm



HALTEC CPDTSG33MM – Dustite Silver Gray 33mm

The primary functions of checkpoints and dustites are to:
– Provide a clear visual indication of nut movement, particularly useful and applicable for commercial vehicle wheels
– Provide an indication of wheel overheating which is otherwise difficult to detect, usually as a result of brakes sticking or problems with the bearings, through the use of specific product material melting points (Standard and High Temperature options available)
– Provide a clear visual commitment to roadworthiness and professionalism to other road users, customers, health and safety, road and transportation associations such as DFT, HMRC Customs and Excise, VOSA, HSE, FTA, and RHA
– Dustite covers prolong the service life of studs & nuts, through protection from corrosion, weathering, and damage
*For additional colors please contact Haltec for pricing and availability