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TECH Centech Radial Repairs - Nail Hole Repair



TECH Centech Radial Repairs – Nail Hole Repair

Centech Two Piece Radial Repairs (CT-10 thorough CT-12) are center-over-injury designed

– Capable of repairing crown or sidewall injuries in passenger and truck tires.
– A special compounding and design allow Centech repair units to flex and resist heat, assuring a permanent repair.

Item Number Description Unit Of Measure Pkg Quantity
164 CT-10HD 2.5X3.25(65X80)BX10 BX 10
164R CT-10HDR THERMA 2.5 X3.25 BX10 BX 10
165 CT-10 1.75X3(45X75) BX 20 BX 20
166 CT-12HD RAD 2.75 X 4.625 BX10 BX 10
166R CT-12HDR THERMA 2.75X4.63 BX10 BX 10
167 CT-12 2.38X4.38(60X110)BX 10 BX 10
250-1UL UL6 1/4IN 6MM UNI-STEMBX20 BX 20
251-1UL 5/16IN8MM ULT.STEM W/WIRE BX20 BX 20