HALTEC OTR-TDC Deflation Cart System | HALTEC | ACP
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HALTEC OTR-TDC Deflation Cart System



HALTEC OTR-TDC Deflation Cart System

– Enclosure protects the deflation equipment from falling debris
– Side and rear vents allow the deflator to release air from within the enclosure
– Sliding control panel door used to protect the gauges and control valves
– Rear vent is removable so that the deflation filters can be cleaned
– Handle is designed to be pulled with a pintle hook or pulled by hand
– Top is designed to be used as a tool or equipment tray
– Optional beacon light to notify the user when the tire is deflated to a safe level

Comes equipped with:
– Cold weather 25′ air line rated for 300 PSI replacing the industry’s standard 15′-20′ safety/deflation air lines being used
– Valve stem adapter – comes with unions for both SLB and Z-Bore size valve stems