HALTEC Radial Tire Bead Seaters for Passenger Tires | HALTEC | ACP
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HALTEC Radial Tire Bead Seaters for Passenger Tires

Haltec TC-50Haltec TC-50

Haltec TC-50

HALTEC Radial Tire Bead Seaters for Passenger Tires

One-piece rubber tube for mounting hard-to-seat radial, bias belted or conventional truck tires. As tire is inflated, the lubricated bead seater forms a seal between the rim and tire allowing the air pressure to force the beads into the rim flange. As proper pressure is reached, the bead seater slides out and over the rim.

– PC-1 for 13 inch Rims
– PC-2 for 14 inch and 15 inch Rims
– PC-3 for 15 inch Rims
– PC-4 for 17 inch Rims
– PC-5 for 18 inch Rims
– PC-6 for 20 inch Rims
– PC-7 for 12 inch Rims

Note: OSHA Regulations require that service personnel use a clip-on air chuck with an inline inflator at a recommended distance that keeps the employee out of the trajectory of the tire and rim. After beads are seated, put tire and rim into approved inflation cage and continue to inflate to prescribed air pressure.